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The thong is a garment usually used as both underwear or as a swimsuit in some international locations. It might even be worn for conventional ceremonies or competitions.

A gaggle of younger ladies carrying thong bikinis

Considered from the entrance, the thong usually resembles a bikini backside, however on the again the fabric is lowered to a minimal. Thongs are nearly all the time designed to cowl the genitals, anus and perineum and depart half or many of the buttocks uncovered. The again of the garment usually consists of a skinny waistband and a skinny strip of fabric, designed to be worn between the buttocks, that connects the center of the waistband with the underside entrance of the garment.[1] Additionally it is used as a descriptive time period in different kinds of garment, equivalent to a bodysuit, bodystocking, leotard or one-piece swimsuit within the context “thong backed”.

One kind of thong is the G-string, the again of which consists solely of a (usually elasticized) string.[2] The 2 phrases G-string and thong are sometimes used interchangeably; nonetheless, they will consult with distinct items of clothes. Thongs are available quite a lot of kinds relying on the thickness, materials or kind of the rear portion of material and can be found for each women and men all through many of the world.

A tanga is a pair of briefs consisting of small panels related by strings on the sides. There are tanga briefs each for males and for girls. The type and the phrase come from Brazil.


The origin of the phrase thong within the English language is from Outdated English þwong, a versatile leather-based wire.[3]

Many languages borrow the English phrase string to consult with this kind of underwear, often with out the G. One other widespread title is tanga (or generally string tanga), particularly within the German Tanga. A frequent metaphor, particularly in Brazil, is dental floss; in Brazil a thong is named fio dental (Portuguese for dental floss); in English, the time period “Butt floss” is usually used. In Lithuanian it’s “siaurikės” (“narrows”), in Italian “perizoma” or “tanga”, in Turkish “ipli külot” (“stringed underpants”), and in Bulgarian as “prashka” (прашка), which implies a slingshot. In Israel the thong, largely the G-string, is named Khutini (חוטיני), from the phrase Khut, which implies String. Equally, in Iran, it’s known as “Shortbandi” (شورت بندی) during which “brief” (from English: Shorts) means “briefs” and “bandi” means “with a string”. A Puerto Rican Spanish slang time period, utilized by Reggaeton artists, is gistro. Australians usually colloquially consult with the G-string as a g-banger or just banger.

Some names for the thong make reference to the bareness of the buttocks, such because the Spanish phrase colaless. (The phrase’s origin might be related to the English time period “topless” however in reference to cola, a colloquial phrase which means “butt” in South American Spanish.) In another languages the “T”-like form of the again is emphasised. In Chinese language, the thong is often known as dingziku (丁字褲/丁字裤) which accurately means 丁 character pants (or roughly, T-letter pants). In Korean, it’s known as 티팬티 (T panty). The time period “T-back” is usually utilized in English, as within the novel T-Backs, T-Shirts, COAT, and Go well with by E. L. Konigsburg.

Thong vs. G-stringEdit

Based on the Encyclopedia of Clothes and Trend, “The G-string, or thong, [is] a panty entrance with a half- to one-inch strip of material on the again that sits between the buttocks”,[4] and Knickers: a Temporary Historical past says: “Minor tweaks to the lower earned these skimpy panties completely different titles—from the thong, which has a one-inch strip of material down the again, to a G-string, which, because the title equal of Spanish suggests (hilo dental), is extra like a string of material akin between the tooth.”[5] Striptease: the Untold Historical past of the Girlie Present says: “The thong [is] an undergarment derived from the stripper’s G-string”,[6] and in keeping with Americanisms: the Illustrated Ebook of Phrases Made within the USA a G-string is “a thong panty consisting of a small triangular piece of material supported by two elastic straps. Attributed to strippers circa 1936”.[7] The Heinemann English Dictionary defines “thong” as “a pair of underpants or swimming costume in a really skimpy type like a G-string”.[8]


The thong, like its possible predecessor the loincloth, is believed to be one of many earliest types of human clothes and can be thought to have been worn largely or solely by males. It’s thought the thong was most likely initially developed to guard, help, or disguise the male genitals. The loincloth might be the earliest type of clothes utilized by mankind, having originated within the hotter climates of sub-Saharan Africa the place clothes was first worn practically 75,000 years in the past. Many tribal peoples, equivalent to among the Khoisan individuals of southern Africa, wore thongs for a lot of centuries. Very similar to the Japanese fundoshi, these early clothes have been made with the male genitalia in thoughts.

Based on some style historians, the primary public look of the thong in the USA was on the 1939 New York World’s Honest. This resulted from Fiorello LaGuardia, the Mayor of New York Metropolis, ordering the town’s nude dancers to cowl themselves.[9] Jacques Heim’s and Louis Réard’s unique bikini from 1946 (that launched the time period bikini) had a culotte with a thong again. Clothier Rudi Gernreich, who within the mid-1960s created the primary topless swimsuit, which he known as the monokini, is credited with introducing the fashionable thong in 1974[10][11][12][13] when he designed a thong bikini in response to a ban on nude sunbathing by the Los Angeles Metropolis Council.

Attitudes towards the carrying of g-strings differ geographically and throughout societies, as is common with extremely revealing clothes. Previous to its entrance into mainstream style, g-strings have been primarily worn by unique dancers. Within the trendy Western world, g-strings are extra generally marketed in the direction of females however are worn by each sexes. Throughout the 1980s, thongs have been worn on stage by pop stars equivalent to Cher and Madonna.[14] By the late-1980s, the type (for females) had made its manner into many of the Western world; thong underwear turned extra standard by way of the 1990s attributable to TV exhibits equivalent to: Baywatch, the place quite a few females have been recorded carrying thong swimsuits.

Within the 1990s, the thong started to realize wider acceptance and recognition in the USA as underwear (and, to a lesser extent, as swimwear), particularly with ladies, but in addition males. Within the US and Europe, the carrying of thongs by males was as soon as primarily restricted to the dance belt, the posing pouch for bodybuilders and the realm of male strippers. Males’s thongs are actually extra extensively obtainable and generally worn as day-to-day underwear or swimwear, with main retailers equivalent to Kmart[15] and standard style manufacturers equivalent to Calvin Klein promoting males’s thongs.[16] Thongs are usually not marketed as strongly to males as they’re to ladies; nonetheless, in Europe, thongs have been commonplace for a lot of extra years each as underwear and swimwear.

Within the 2000s, some individuals wore thongs with low-cut hipsters and intentionally uncovered them excessive of their trousers, producing an impact popularly often called a whale tail. This led to many thong designs meant to be worn on this method, which have been adorned with jewels and motifs on the again. Within the early-2000s, thongs made up 31% of the ladies’s underwear market.[14] Nevertheless, within the late-2000s, the publicity of a thong above one’s trousers turned much less standard and the development turned to the carrying of lower-riding thongs that hardly present above trousers, besides when bending or twisting.

Market analysis in 2011 positioned the variety of French ladies who put on thongs as their most popular underwear type at 25%, down by 5% from 2008.[17][18] By 2016, gross sales of thongs within the UK have been on the decline with Marks & Spencer, a serious UK lingerie retailer, reporting that they made up fewer than 10% of knickers offered.[14] Many causes exist as to why individuals could select to put on thong underwear or swimwear, equivalent to prevention of seen panty traces,[19] prevention of underwear “driving up” so one needn’t pull at one’s underwear in public, consolation, style consciousness together with the sensation of being extra grownup,[14] and minimization of tan traces.[20]

Design and varietyEditBacksSidesStrapTie-sideStraplessLow
V-string, T-front

Sorts of thongs embody the standard thong, the G-string, and the C-string. There are a variety of intermediate sorts of thongs between full rear protection and a string rear. As designs turn into extra risqué there are additionally varieties meant to show genitals as a lot as they conceal them. Different kinds embody the Cheeky, V-string, T-front and T-back. The naming of the intermediate kinds of thong is debatable, completely different distributors use the phrases considerably interchangeably. Thongs can be found in all kinds of supplies, together with silk, latex, cotton, microfiber, satin, nylon, lycra/spandex, and lace. There are additionally novelty designs for each sexes, that includes shapes to evolve to the genitals or present humorous visible results.

Probably the most important distinction between thongs designed for women and men is the form of the entrance a part of the garment. Usually, however not all the time, thongs for males will function a vertical seam to create form and house for the male genitalia, and the pouch could also be manufactured from stretchy materials (often cotton-Lycra or microfiber) for an ergonomic match. The equal part in ladies’s thongs is often flat and seamless. Nevertheless, the material is often thicker within the space the place it covers the vulva (by incorporating a cotton gusset).

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Principal article: G-string



The V or G-string type consists of an elastic string (additionally a slim piece of fabric, leather-based, or plastic) that connects the entrance/pouch and the waistband at again, worn as swimwear or underwear largely by ladies, but in addition by males. For the reason that mid-1920s, strippers and unique dancers within the West have been referring to the type of thongs they wore for his or her performances as G-strings.


The origin of the time period G-string is obscure. It might merely stand for ‘Gusset’ because the G-String is in impact only a gusset on a string. For the reason that 19th century, the time period geestring referred to the string which held the loincloth of American Indians[21] and later referred to the slim loincloth itself. William Safire in his Ode on a G-String quoted the utilization of the phrase G-string for loincloth by Harper’s Journal 15 years after Beadle’s and recommended that the journal confused the phrase with the musical time period G string (i.e., the string for the G observe). Safire additionally mentions the opinion of linguist Robert Hendrickson that “G” (or “gee”) stands for groin, which was a taboo phrase on the time.[22]


The g-string first appeared in costumes worn by showgirls in Earl Carroll’s productions in the course of the Jazz Age. Linguist Robert Hendrickson believes that the g stands for groin.[23] The Oxford English Dictionary reviews that the G-string was initially a slim strip of material worn by Indian ladies. Throughout the Melancholy, a “G-string” was often called “the gadget”.[23] Throughout the 1930s, the “Chicago G-string” gained prominence when worn by performers like Margie Hart. The Chicago space was the house of among the largest producers of G-strings and it additionally turned the middle of the burlesque exhibits in the USA.[23]

Males’s G-stringEdit

A g-string type consists of an elastic string (additionally a slim piece of fabric, leather-based, or plastic) that connects the entrance/pouch and the waistband at again. A g-string’s objective could also be worn as opposed to briefs for avoiding a visual panty line, or to boost sex-appeal. Within the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan is described as carrying a G-string manufactured from doe or leopard pores and skin[24]

Different variants of girls’s thongsEdit


As slim as a G-string, however with out the supporting “string” across the wearer’s hips/panty line, leaving only a sideways C formed piece between the legs. That is held in place firmly by a versatile inside body. Since there isn’t a materials across the waist, the C-string utterly eliminates the panty traces which thongs and different underwear create. C-strings are additionally designed to be used as beachwear, which reduces the tan traces that may have been left by the aspect straps of even a G or V-String.[25]CheekyA extra conservative type known as a cheeky covers a little bit extra space, however exposes the underside a part of the buttocks. Some cheekies are used as undergarments whereas others operate as bikini bottoms.T-frontA kind of G-string during which the string reaches additionally the entrance half. It gives no protection whereas nonetheless sustaining the fundamental hygienic underwear capabilities. Often it’s constructed by strings solely, generally with extra material or lace across the waist. Sure designs cowl the string with pearls for adornment and stimulation causes.[26]T-backV-stringA kind of G-string, launched by Victoria’s Secret,[27] during which the string is related to the waistband by a triangle that’s simply above the buttocks. The string connects with the waistband on to kind a “V” form at again.MaebariStrapless Japanese loincloth clothes within the type of an adhesive strip masking the genitalia. Maebari are connected like pasties and since they don’t have a clamping body extension previous the perineum (not like the c-string design) anus space is often left uncovered. Though typical use for maebari in Japan is as underwear, in international swimwear designs named strapless bikini[28] or no string bikini[29] by numerous producers, maebari-style bottoms are used with matching pasties (tops). As of 2014, designer Jenny Buettner and her model Shibue Couture launched an extension design of maebari (thus masking the anus) to the Western customers underneath the moniker No-Line Strapless Panty.[30]

Males’s thongsEdit

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A conventional thong worn in India,[31][32] by some males as a loincloth or underclothing. It’s made up of rectangular strip of cotton fabric which is used to cowl the genitals with the assistance of the strings related to the 4 ends of the fabric for binding it across the waist of the wearer. It’s utilized by wrestlers within the recreation of Kushti or conventional Indian wrestling within the Akhara (wrestling ring) and likewise throughout observe classes and coaching.FundoshiA conventional Japanese undergarment for grownup males, created from a size of cotton. Earlier than World Struggle II, the fundoshi was the principle type of underwear for Japanese grownup males. Nevertheless, it fell out of use rapidly after the battle with the introduction of recent underwear to the Japanese market, equivalent to briefs and trunks. These days, the fundoshi is principally used not as underwear however as pageant (matsuri) clothes at Hadaka Matsuri or, generally, as swimwear. There are numerous different kinds of fundoshi because the variations on the precept of a loincloth are nearly infinite. For instance, the mokko-fundoshi (actually “earth-basket loincloth” as a result of it appears to be like like the standard baskets utilized in building) is made just like the etchyuu-fundoshi however and not using a entrance apron; the fabric is secured to the belt to make a bikini impact. The kuro-neko fundoshi (actually “black cat fundoshi”) is just like the mokko-fundoshi besides that the portion that passes from entrance to again is tailor-made to create a thong impact.JockstrapAn undergarment designed for supporting the male genitalia throughout sports activities or different vigorous bodily exercise. It was created by Chicago sporting items firm Sharp & Smith in 1874.[33] Technically it isn’t a thong, as there isn’t a slim strap that passes up between the buttocks. A jockstrap consists of a waistband (often elastic) with a help pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps affixed to the bottom of the pouch and to the left and proper sides of the waistband on the hip.[34] The pouch, in some varieties, could also be fitted with a pocket to carry an affect resistant cup to guard the testicles and/or the penis from harm. Often known as a jock, jock strap, strap, supporter, or athletic supporter.Dance beltA kind of thong designed for use in the identical method as an athletic supporter, however for male dancers (particularly in ballet).[35] Its objective is to guard and help the dancer throughout dance actions with out being seen by way of outer clothes, equivalent to tights, leotards, gymnasium leggings or shorts. Thongs have a tendency to supply higher help for the male anatomy than do different underwear kinds (in addition to eliminating contact between the genitals and interior thighs) and is likely one of the explanation why males and boys could select to put on them.[36]


Principal articles: Social affect of thong underwear and Underwear as outerwear

As thongs go between the buttocks and, in ladies, could also be in shut contact with the anus and labia, considerations have been raised that they could turn into damp and act as a conduit for germ switch, rising the chance that the wearer could develop urinary tract infections, equivalent to cystitis.[37][38][39] Nevertheless, analysis means that carrying thong underwear doesn’t have a statistically important impact on the incidence of bacterial vaginosis[40] or yeast an infection.[41]

In 2002, a feminine highschool vice principal in San Diego, California, bodily checked as much as 100 feminine college students’ underwear as they entered the college for a dance, with or with out pupil permission, inflicting an uproar amongst college students and a few dad and mom and eliciting an investigation by the college into the vice principal’s conduct. In her protection, the vice principal mentioned the checks have been for pupil security and never particularly due to the carrying of thongs.[42][43][44][45][46]

The sale of thongs for ladies aged 10–16 by US retailer Abercrombie & Fitch led to an e-mail and phone marketing campaign in opposition to the corporate.[47] British retailer Argos was criticized for promoting G-strings for ladies aged 9, and a major faculty head trainer in Britain voiced considerations that pupils aged 10–11 have been carrying thong underwear to high school.[48]

Thong swimsuits are banned or strongly discouraged in some locations, together with most Muslim international locations equivalent to Iran.[49][50] Areas in the USA embody such areas as Myrtle Seashore, South Carolina[51] and Kure Seashore, North Carolina.[52]

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